Ed Payne lives in Shropshire, England.  He’s married with two teenage daughters.

Derek Fish & The Surprise, a children's book is his first novel, written for his youngest daughter when she was nine. He began writing pages each day to read to her at bedtime. She enjoyed the story so much that he decided to turn it into a book, so that other children may enjoy this thrilling story of magic and pirate adventure.

The second book is under way with the working title of Derek Fish and the Staff of Manco Cápac.

This time, our young adventurer has to stop the evil Captain One Eye as he threatens to take over the world after finding the long, lost ancient staff on Manco Cápac, the founder of the Incan civilisation.

It is said that the he who leads an army with this staff in his hands, is invincible!

Keep checking back for snippets and first look options at chapters as they develop.  What's more, Ed wants you to comment on his writings, make suggestions, even have a say in the story's outcome.

What fun!