A Little Fish, Derek Fish and the Surprise, a Children's Book
Salty Old Fish, Derek Fish and the Surprise, a Children's Book
Fish Tales, Derek Fish and the Surprise, a Children's Book
Moon Fish, Derek Fish and the Surprise, a Children's Book


The perfect book for your child!

A family calamity leads little Derek Fish to the long lost journal of his distant relative and infamous pirate, Erasmus Fish. Derek reads of swashbuckling adventures, a vast treasure and magic that can only be used by the male line of the Fish family.

Realising that the treasure is his only chance of saving the day, Derek makes a fateful wish and finds himself back in 17th Century Portsmouth amidst the crew of his ancestor’s ship, the Surprise, now in the hands of the evil Captain One Eye. The evil pirate has wickedly tricked Erasmus out of his ship, treasure and worse, his life.

Derek soon finds that Captain One Eye and the rest of his cutthroat ship mates don’t want to give up the treasure they stole easily and a terrifying struggle ensues as Derek is chased up the mast, imprisoned in the hold, made to walk the plank, almost drowned and forced to do battle with a monster Squid.

A magical connection to Erasmus, gives Derek a helping hand but can he, against all odds, overcome these nasty pirates and bring back a fortune in treasure that will solve his family’s problems?

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What people say...

One good thing about staying safe at home is being able to spend an hour just reading and re-reading some great books. Just finished one of my favs Derek Fish and the Surprise written by an ex colleague a bit of squash battling fun lol 😝 I know it’s a child/young adult book but your never to old!
Jo Henning

"Derek Fish And The Surprise’ is a beautifully written adventure combining exciting characters, wonderfully imaginative settings and a plot that twists, turns and delights. Magical events and captivating description guide the reader through the traumas, tribulations and thrills of Derek’s quest as he tries to save his families beloved Green Parrot. Whether reading this book for pleasure or using it as a teaching text, children adore this story. I am left with one final question; when is the sequel out?"
Matthew Halstead - Condover Primary School

"My partner's 11 year old son read it from start to finish in record time. Beautifully written with an exciting plot that goes right to the very end. Perfect for the pre-teen reader."
James Holland - Verified purchase on Amazon

"Great read, really enjoyed it. Recommend it for both adults and children. The chapter titles always made me smile. Really lovely book."
Jo Givelle - Verified purchase on Amazon

"Really good book, enjoyed it immensely. Hope there's another one soon. Definitely recommend it if you have ten or so aged child."
Fiona Harris - Verified purchase on Amazon

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